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Hi, I am Xiaoli Mei!

What I Do as a Love and Relationship Coach 


I am a Love Coach for Dating and Relationship, and an online dating consultant, offering a unique and modern version of “happily ever after” solution for smart, ambitious, professional women who spend their life achieving success in their career, yet experience stress and an overwhelmingly empty feeling of missing out on a loving relationship. 

As a Relationship Coach for Women, I Understand Your Struggles 

As an ambitious professional woman, you’ve probably discovered that a successful career does not guarantee a happy relationship. A loving & fulfilling relationship is a necessary component to achieving full happiness in life. Being loved and adored, while also giving love, can fill that void. But achieving success in finding love takes knowledge and understanding.

We were never taught by school or by our parents about the intricacies of love and relationships. We always assumed “happily ever after” came naturally as long as we fell in love and got married. But we never fully understood what falling in love really meant. Understanding human nature and the actions necessary to achieve success in relationships are learn-able skills. But it takes conscious learning and action.

It hurts me to see many of you give up after experiencing broken hearts, knowing that love and happiness are within reach. Rest assured that my success form.

It’s my passion to support you on this love journey to have the life of your dream.

I invite you to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CLARITY CALL with me and begin the transformational journey to attract true love and build a happy, fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Clarity Call with a Love Coach - What You're Getting

What my clients say about me

Xiaoli is a very intelligent and smart coach who understands people very well. She has a lot of effective tools to help you with your needs immediately.

Over the long haul, she can work with you to really connect with your mind and soul align them. I really enjoyed working with her because after working for 4 months, I am not confused about my romantic life and career anymore. I accept myself, understood myself and at a content place even if things don't go my way. Just happens that I am with a guy that loves me right now too 🙂 and I love him.

I highly recommend Xiaoli because she is really good! She gets down to the root cause with great clarity and has a very natural and easy to understand process for you to get the idea. And she really empowers women. I am very impressed and really happy I found Xiaoli!​

They say that the best things happen at the most unexpected circumstances and I couldn’t agree more. Xiaoli and I found each other on social media. At that time, I was debating if I should start dating again after a recent break up.

Xiaoli has been a wonderful coach and friend who’s helped me open my eyes and heart to loving again after being disappointed time and again. She is someone who has been there done that and could truly empathize what most of us have gone through. She comes across as a strong yet gentle woman who never make you feel like you’re failing or have to do things you don’t feel like doing. Through her coaching, I feel I’ve blossomed into a woman who is unapologetically me, who has been able to look past disappointments and face the world with a brand new vision and hope.

I’m happily taken 🙂 He found me after I found myself, and accepts me for who I am. Thank you so much Xiaoli. I’m forever grateful. Love you!
Rui C.
I had been out of dating scene more than 15 years. After divorced and being single for many years, I wasn’t sure how to get back on dating. But I truly desire to find a partner to share the rest of life with. I am so glad that I took the courage to join Xiaoli’s coaching program. It made my online dating experience so much easier and smooth just by following Xiaoli‘s guidance step by step. I tried online dating before, but it was a terrible experience only attracted wrong guys and never actually had 2nd dates. This time the quality of my dating pool is much better. Xiaoli helped me on my profile writing and identified my limiting beliefs and old relationship patterns. Huge breakthrough! Now I am with this guys on 6th date. Things are going well. Through this program, not only I became more comfortable communicating with men and ask for what I want, also more confident about myself and who I am.

Big gratitude to you Xiaoli and your coaching

Sara H
I am a very independent woman and was always proud of that. After a few broken relationships, I didn’t think I need a man in my life. But despite the success in career, I did feel something missing and life was not complete. Xiaoli‘ s coaching changed my perspective. She helped me figure out what prevented me to find love.

I always had a bad perspective about online dating but decided to give it try with Xiaoli ‘s coaching program because not only she found her love online, also her coaching topics are very intriguing and refreshing to me. Maybe I was lucky, with Xiaoli’s guidance on profile, photos and dating skills etc., I found my boyfriend Ken in two months. I can say I happily graduated from this program.

Thank you Xiaoli!​

Julie J
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