3 Steps to Welcome New Love In 2019

Hope you had great time off for the holiday.  I personally just came back from a 3-week vacation in Asia. Holiday is a great time to relax, reflect and recharge.  However, for some singles, this is also a difficult time.  It triggers some deep feelings of sadness and anxiety.  If you are not in the happy relationship you dreamed of, it’s very easy to feel sad, disappointed and discouraged.

But, it IS possible to transform these feelings by turning them into committed focus and determination.  You may ask, how can you take action now to ensure by this time next year you are in the committed relationship you desire, and experiencing a wonderful time with someone special?

Here are 3 steps I want to share with you to get you on your way.  Take time today to create space in your life and in your heart to intentionally attract love into your life:

Step 1 – Affirm who you are and your accomplishments

As successful women, we are used to setting goals and hitting them.  We tend to be very hard on ourselves when we do not hit our goals, resulting in feelings of failure.  In work and career, we tend to succeed.  But in relationships, we struggle.  So, if we set the goal to find a life partner in 2018, and did not find the right one, or if the relationship did not work out, it’s very easy to begin blaming ourselves for the failure.  Even worse, we begin to imagine personal faults, asking ourselves, “Is there is wrong with me?”, or “Maybe I don’t deserve to be loved”, “Maybe I am too old”, “Am I to fat?”  But, ladies, these faults are imagined and false!

The secret to finding your love FAST is to appreciate who you are and what you already have, while still having the desire for even more of the good things in life.

You can’t feel miserable about yourself, but still expect your true love just to knock on your door.

The first step is to affirm the POSITIVE things you have accomplished last year.  Pick the things about yourself you love & admire, feel proud of yourself about all the things you have done, and honor your own values.  Tell yourself that you deserve a great happy relationship.

Step 2 – Release any negative thoughts & emotions

Release any negative thoughts & emotions that don’t serve you.  All of the pain, dissatisfaction, and disempowering thoughts created your false reality.  Those very same thoughts keep you stuck, stop you, and prevent you from moving forward to a happy loving relationship.

The law of beliefs is “No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time”. When you hold those negative thoughts & emotions, your positive experience will not show up.  Simply stated, they cannot exist at the same time. Therefore, you must learn how to release negative thoughts and beliefs in order to make room for the positive experience you want to create.

Step 3 – Break the pattern

Once you release your negative thoughts & emotions, there is now space for you to create a new experience.  But how would you do it?  What actions would you take?

In order to create a new experience, you need to break your old way of doing things.  Because those old ways kept you stuck in the past and in the negative environment.

As human beings, we look for familiarity and want to be safe.  We tend to avoid pain and risk as we seek to do things that make us feel comfortable.  We know these past actions did not result in a positive outcome or relationship and we even know it doesn’t work, but it’s the only way we know.  If you keep doing the same things over and over, the results will be the same.  Now is the time to break the pattern … to do things DIFFERENTLY!

The best and fastest way to break an old pattern is to identify a mentor or coach who can help you see the things you cannot readily see.  They help you to identify any negative thoughts & emotions.  And they hold you accountable for your transformation.

With conscious learning and the right guidance, creating the love you want does not have to be a hard journey.

If you are ready to make 2019 a year of extraordinary love for yourself, take action now and begin on a path to positive change and a different you.

To help you have that kind of breakthrough, I am offering a special zero cost coaching session called “Love Breakthrough 2019” to help you release your old negative emotions. Create a clear vison for the relationship you want to with right actions, tools and strategies.

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Looking forward to talking to you soon!

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