Join Our FREE 5-Day Online Dating Accelerator Challenge

Begin the Search for Your Happily-Ever-After

Join Our FREE 5-Day Online Dating Accelerator Challenge

Begin the Search for Your Happily-Ever-After

Are you ready to…

Overcome the overwhelm and skepticism of online dating?

Gain some sage guidance on which websites are right for you?

Get tangible advice on your profile and how to begin conversations online?

Find your perfect match and begin living your dream life now?

Maybe you have…

Tried online dating before only to meet a bunch of creeps that you’d never dream of spending your life with.

Heard online dating horror stories and aren’t even willing to chance it.

Started opening up to the idea of dating online, but are completely lost as to where to begin.

Well, this challenge is
for YOU!

I get it. The world of online dating can be an overwhelming and exhausting one. 

There were over 2000 different dating websites in 2019 and that number is still growing!

So, where do you even start? 

How do you know which websites are right for you?

 How do you set up a profile that will attract the RIGHT kind of man? 

How do you start the conversation? 

That’s where the 5-Day Online Dating
Accelerator Challenge 
comes in!

There has NEVER been a better time to meet the love of your life online!

With the world on lockdown at home from COVID-19, this is literally the best time ever to give online dating a try.

Single people are increasingly lonely and have the desire to connect with someone special – even if only to binge-watch Netflix together. 

With global travel restrictions in place, the amazing men you want to attract (who might not otherwise have much time to dedicate to online dating) are also at home and currently living a life with fewer distractions. 

Online traffic is dramatically increasing since quarantines began with dating apps experiencing a 21% -30% increase in messaging and over a 50% increase in video chats.

Virtual dates are the new norm! With restaurants, movie theatres, event venues, and bars closed, there’s a bigger need than ever to know how to effectively date online.

What will you get out of the 5-Day Challenge?

In the 5-Day Online Dating Accelerator Challenge, you will learn how to…

Crack the code on which dating websites fit your needs. (Day 1)

Master the art of choosing the right photos to impress the right kind of man. (Day 2) 

Build an engaging, eye-catching profile that will attract the best man for you. (Day 3)

Develop strategies to connect with the right people and find the confidence to make the first move. (Day 4) 

Make online conversations fun, easy, and authentic – and learn how to guide them towards a real date. (Day 5) 

Because the challenge is completely FREE, you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Hi, I’m Xiaoli, a Dating/ Relationship Coach – known as the Happiness In Love Coach – and I help professional women find true love and balance happy relationships with busy careers. Being a career-minded woman myself, I never imagined I would become a love coach one day. But my own life experience led me onto this path. 

My successful career didn’t bring me the total fulfillment I longed for and I struggled through a lot in relationships.  As a twice-divorced single mom with two kids, you can imagine how frustrated I was in my search for love. No one would be proud of all these misfortunes in relationships, right? I had endless self-doubts running through my mind…I wasn’t lovable, I wasn’t good enough, sexy enough, I was too old, it was too late….you name it, I thought it! 

But one thing that changed my love life was my perseverance. I didn’t give up on finding love because of divorce or a bunch of failed dating experiences. I didn’t subscribe to my family and friends’ negative comments like: “You’re too old.” “All the good men are taken.” Or, “Online dating is for crazy people.” Even my mom asked me to just settle down and not be so picky!

I had two choices – either I listened to what they said and gave up or changed what I was doing. So I decided to take control of my own destiny and crack this relationship code. 

And guess what happened? I met the love of my life – my husband, Jim, online!

I know people have doubts and suspicions about online dating. I’m not saying online is the ONLY place you can find your big love, but if you’ve had a hard time meeting people in real life and want to try online dating, there are some specific strategies and skills you need to know before you throw yourself out there.

If you have tried online dating before and didn’t get the results you craved, or if you’re thinking about online dating, but feel overwhelmed about where to start, this 5-day challenge was created just for you!

This training will guide you through the main five foundational pieces that almost everyone is missing when they start on their online dating journey. It is these missing links that cause most people to fail or think that online dating doesn’t work when it really does!

Stop wasting your precious time trying to navigate the world of online dating on your own and benefit from my experience just as my clients have on their road to successfully finding love online.

Are you ready to begin your journey to finding true love online?

Don’t miss this FREE opportunity to learn more about the world of online dating and find out how to make it work for YOU. 

There’s never been a better time! Take advantage of this season of social distancing and learn how to start building the life of your dreams now. 

Join us virtually from June 1st – June 5th in the 5-Day Online Dating Accelerator Challenge and finally feel confident and comfortable in your online dating quest to find the man you’re meant to spend your life with.

Your true love is out there and it’s time for you to find him!

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