5 Keys to Success for Online Dating

Here comes the busiest online dating season of the year!

Every year from January to March, there is a 30% average increase in signups on most popular online dating sites. What does this mean for you? It means that there will be better odds that you will find your match!

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You might have had a bad experience with online dating in the past. You might think “It is awful,” or “It’s just a bunch of liars and players online.” Believe me, you are not alone! Lots of women have had terrible experiences with online dating but here is the truth: online does work. It’s the ineffective communication and bad dating profiles that can work against your success and lead you to further dating frustration.

Here are 5 keys to success for online dating:

1) Establish a Healthy Mindset for Online Dating

Whether you like it or not, online dating sites and apps have become a major part of single life and they are not going away anytime soon.

Online dating statistics show that the total number of single people in the U.S. is currently 54 million, while the total number of people who have tried online dating is 49 million. That’s a pretty huge crossover. In 2017 alone, 19% of brides said they met their spouse online, 17% through friends, 15% during college and 12% from work. Again, online dating is the clear winner.

Do you know my own online profile led me to meet the love of my life?

Forget about fact based statistics, let’s take a hard look at reality. It’s genuinely hard to meet people when you have a busy working schedule. When you have a small social circle, or you are a single parent, or you simply feel too old for nightclubs and bars. That’s the beauty of online dating, it provides you with access to people you couldn’t possibly meet in real life. Of course, there is also the chance that you will also meet the liars, the flakes, the crazies, and the players, but the reality is that they exist offline as well. The trick here is to learn the skills how to filter them out of your inbox.

2) Know Your Desired Outcomes Before You Go on Dates

It’s important to take some time to develop a clear picture of what you want before you start online dating. If you have wishy washy goals, you will only attract wishy washy people.

But if you begin with end goal in mind, knowing exactly what success will look like, then you will attract people who have similar goals and outlooks. So ask yourself, what is YOUR purpose when dating? What are YOUR must haves? What qualities and characteristics are YOU looking for? What are YOUR deal breakers? What would make YOU happy?

That clarity will help you quickly identify when you are on a date with the wrong person. This makes it far easier for you to move on and find the right person.

3) Develop an Effective Online Dating Strategy

There are a ton of dating apps on market today, each offering advantages and disadvantages.

Once you’ve decided what you are looking for (see step 2), choose a few dating apps with a minimum three month subscription. Think of subscriptions are kind of like gym memberships to be used consistently over a period of time, not just for one intense month.

Then it comes how to build one-of-a-kind profile to help you stand out from others. Your profile acts as an advertisement for you, it’s your branding. It’s designed to get results, to entertain, to hit all of the right emotional buttons, showing off the perfect balance of self-awareness, intelligence, humor, kindness, and heart. I see some people are really good catch in real life, but their too generic profiles made them hard to get noticed.

If you wait for men to contact you first, you would missed the half opportunity of meeting people online. Ladies, you certainly can search men and take the initiative to approach them. The art to learn is what’s put into the emails, so they will write you back.

4) Make Online Conversation a Fun Process

This is the most delicate part of online dating. Many conversations die because one of the two people aren’t carrying their end. You’ve been there, right? You are excited about the guy who wrote to you, but after a few messages exchanged back and forth, they go dark. Or maybe you wrote to someone you thought might be perfect for you, but he never replied back.

Remember, it takes two people to have a boring conversation. Make your best efforts to make the conversation light, fun, and entertaining. The purpose of all of this online communication is to simply see if you two want to meet in person.

So, if you get a boring message from a guy, then you need to dig into his profile to find something engaging, then respond with a funny and interesting message. Everyone needs a good laugh. Make your reader smile when he gets your message!

5) Build Both Confidence and Competency

The number one thing that prevents people from have success in online dating (or dating in general) is fear. A fear of rejection, fear of hurt, fear of vulnerability, and fear of failure.

There are always lots of emotion triggers and unfinished business from past relationships that can show up during the dating process. If you learn to be conscious about those emotions and love blocks, then dating is actually the perfect opportunity to heal them, so you can free yourself from your past and open yourself up to love.

If you are willing to start building up your confidence and develop your dating communication skills, you will start having fun with this process! When you have fun dating, you are going to a lot more likeable, attractive, and charming, and therefore, you will have a lot more success!

Remember, nobody wants to date someone who hates dating.

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