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About Xiaoli Mei!

Xiaoli Mei is a certified Relationship Coach, known as the Happiness In Love Coach for coaching professional women to find true love and to bring balance to a happy relationship with a busy career.

Having been on a quest to live the life of her dreams and share it with her beloved, Xiaoli emigrated to the United States from China in the late 90’s. She successfully established a career in Corporate America working for Fortune 100 companies. However, in spite of her great career, Xiaoli found herself feeling miserable, empty, lonely, confused and sad. Having experienced two failed marriages and other broken relationships, she knew there had to be a way to balance a successful career AND a fulfilling relationship.

Undeterred from her past experiences, Xiaoli set out to crack the “Happiness Code” while working two jobs and raising her 2 children as a single mom in the San Francisco Bay Area. She discovered what it takes for career women to find lasting happiness and love in today’s fast paced modern world.

Setting out on a mission, Xiaoli’s love coaching programs as a love coach for women continue to help ladies overcome their limiting beliefs, and embrace action steps that will lead them closer to their dream relationship. 

Today Xiaoli lives happily with her husband Jim and teaches women from all cultural backgrounds on finding their true love. She guides her clients to bring balance to career and love, and helps them attain joy and harmony in their lives without sacrificing one important life aspiration over another. Xiaoli is loved by her clients. Her coaching style is witty, wise, and highly empowering. She is an inspirational speaker and a natural motivator.

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