How to Differentiate Ego and Intuition

As human being, we all have Egos.  But we also have Intuition too! Our Ego is the logical and perception-based reality of how we see the world… a defense mechanism we use to make decisions.  Sometimes it is fear based, trying to keep us safe, away from the unknown and uncertain situations which we perceive

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How Ego Gets in the Way in Your Happiness

Do you recall a time when you set a new goal, you were so excited and started to take some real actions. Then after a few try, you didn’t see the results you were expecting, suddenly you started doubting if it’s ever possible and all the head trash kicked in? That’s your ego trying to

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Are You Holding On To Someone Who’s Long Gone?

Are you holding on to the energy of a past relationship?  Maybe it’s a story of unrequited love. Maybe you’re angry that it didn’t work out, or confused because you were so sure that it was right.  Maybe what’s underneath the anger is the unrelenting sadness that you’re alone and you’re afraid that will never change.  Whatever the reason you’re afraid

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What get me through my biggest struggles in life?

There is a mantra I learned a long time ago that I repeat to myself over and over again when I’m in my darkest challenges and deepest struggles. This mantra has helped me deal with heartbreak and pain, fear and worry…and it’s one I want to share with you! Watch below to hear the words

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Are You Creating What You Want?

Early 2019, I set new intention to write a book and publish it by end of the year. I delivered my book by end of October 2019. It was a great feeling to see my intention come to fruition. What about you? Are you creating what you want in your life? Are you chasing after

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Seen and Unseen Relationship Patterns

If you are single, how often you say “There are no good men anymore!” to yourself or to your friends?   A majority of my clients who come to me for help have this comment. But I can certainly tell you that this is not the real reason you are still single!   For every relationship

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