8 Clear Signs a Man is Unavailable

Here is a quite common scenario in dating: you go on a date with a guy, you find him attractive, and you can’t believe how much you have in common. He kept saying things like “on our next date, we should go________” so you end the date feeling amazing! Then, radio silence. You never hear

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How to Handle Our Past Mistakes

In my coaching practice, I find that quite a few women are living with regret and struggle to get over mistakes they’ve made in the past.  They constantly wish that they could go back and change the decisions that they made.  Many agonize over the amount of time they wasted with poor decisions. If this

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#1 Way To Create A Deep Connection In Relationship

There is a common challenge for many single ladies in my community: how to create a deep connection in relationship? A lady just told me her biggest challenge in relationship:  “It’s hard to stay in a relationship. There is always something wrong about the other person. I am not sure how to stay connected” As

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How to Differentiate Ego and Intuition

As human being, we all have Egos.  But we also have Intuition too! Our Ego is the logical and perception-based reality of how we see the world… a defense mechanism we use to make decisions.  Sometimes it is fear based, trying to keep us safe, away from the unknown and uncertain situations which we perceive

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How Ego Gets in the Way in Your Happiness

Do you recall a time when you set a new goal, you were so excited and started to take some real actions. Then after a few try, you didn’t see the results you were expecting, suddenly you started doubting if it’s ever possible and all the head trash kicked in? That’s your ego trying to

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Are You Holding On To Someone Who’s Long Gone?

Are you holding on to the energy of a past relationship?  Maybe it’s a story of unrequited love. Maybe you’re angry that it didn’t work out, or confused because you were so sure that it was right.  Maybe what’s underneath the anger is the unrelenting sadness that you’re alone and you’re afraid that will never change.  Whatever the reason you’re afraid

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