How to Overcome Holiday Blues

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Yet for singles, it can trigger some deep feelings of sadness and anxiety. Even if you are “busy with your family,” there is still something missing in your heart for romance. It’s just human nature. Here are 4 Quick Tips to Overcome the Holiday Blues!

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How to Meet Men in Real Life

Online dating is not the only option to find love. Certainly you can meet your man in real life. The only thing stopping you is when you don’t leave the house or you don’t step outside of your comfort zone.   We all have busy schedules and many obligations in life. The art is how

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Are you on Facebook?

Are we connected on Facebook? I love connecting with my Facebook community and I want you to be a part of it!Anything we do in life, we can try to figure out things on our own but it takes time, or we can ask for advice from experts to quickly solve our situation or confusion.

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How to Handle Our Past Mistakes

  In my coaching practice, I find that quite a few women are living with regret and struggle to get over mistakes they’ve made in the past.  They constantly wish that they could go back and change the decisions that they made.  Many agonize over the amount of time they wasted with poor decisions. If

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Unlocking Your Core Confidence

Often times, women tell me they are full of confidence!  But once they receive a rejection in dating or experience a break-up in a relationship, they begin to feel self-doubt and begin to believe they are not good enough to be in a relationship with a good man.  After a few rejections, they tend to

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