How to Keep your Man Interested

How to Keep Your Man Interested  Today I would like to answer a question from my Facebook group. The question is: “I found love, but the real challenge is how do I keep my man on his toes and keep him loving me?” Congratulations you found love! Great first step. When you say, “…keep my

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“The Art of Flirting” in Dating

In dating, there is a unique “dance” between men and women. Men pursue, and women flirt. When I use the word “flirt,” some people might associate it with a negative image. It sometimes manifests into an image of women making straightforward sexual advances towards men while on a date. This is NOT the flirting that

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3 Tips for a Great First Date

First dates are often stressful and nerve-racking for most people. Sometimes you meet the person, and in the first 5 mins you know it is not a good match. Yet, you feel bad for stopping the date and leaving. So, you sit through the whole date and feel miserable the entire time. Or, on the

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Confidence in Making the Right Relationship Choice

Over the years, I met so many amazing ladies. They are beautiful, smart, successful… and a great catch. But they are missing out on sharing the joys of their beautiful life in a relationship with someone special.   One of the biggest frustrations I hear from these ladies is that it is hard to meet

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The Secret to Letting the Man Chase YOU!

Have you ever noticed how some women seem so lucky, with their men always showering them with love and affection? Those women might not have the sexiest body … like a runway model… or not the best look … like the hottest Hollywood movie stars. But you find yourself asking, “Why are their men so

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5 Signs you are chasing the Relationship

How do you keep the attraction and romantic tension in dating and in relationship? The secret lies in the masculine energy and feminine energy polarity. One of my signature programs is to coach women how to balance masculine energy and feminine energy. Masculine energy is about action, doing, thinking, analyzing and leading. Feminine energy is

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