5 Signs you are chasing the Relationship

How do you keep the attraction and romantic tension in dating and in relationship? The secret lies in the masculine energy and feminine energy polarity. One of my signature programs is to coach women how to balance masculine energy and feminine energy. Masculine energy is about action, doing, thinking, analyzing and leading. Feminine energy is

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Do you need a relationship to be happy?

Smart & strong women who are single for so long often doubt if they need a man or a relationship. It seems that relationships only bring drama and frustration to life. I doubted that also when I was single, especially following some miserable breakups. There is a big difference between women who are truly happy

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“Help! Modern Dating Is So Confusing!”

I hear this from my clients all the time and it is also what I discovered myself when I went back into the world of dating after my marriage ended in divorce. I had heard about online dating of course, but I thought that only losers and players hung out there. I was also a

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Get more Free Advice and Support

Meet Me on My Facebook Group for More Free Relationship Advice and Support Like anything you do in life, it takes time to figure things out on your own. Mastering love relationships (The Happiness code) can take you years to figure out. Why wait? You can ask for advice from experts who can quickly help you

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Are You Longing For Companionship?

“Seek And You Will Find” Jim and I just got back from a mini-vacation. We drove the ATV on the sand dunes, hiked along the coastal trail and then soaked in the natural hot spring. It’s left both myself and my companion feeling so relaxed and recharged. I love to travel. Whether that’s discovering a

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Are You Dating in the Right Order?

Here is a very interesting fact I’ve noticed about dating: I’ve met many smart and successful career women who are incredibly busy and super choosey. They claim that they have no time to go out to social events looking for love, let along online dating. “That’s a huge time sink”, one of them said to

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