What Does 20 Years in a Happy Marriage Look Like?

As you know, I have talked a lot about my own journey to find the love of my life. It took me many years struggling with frustration and despair, but finally after all the learning and inner growth, I found him. Sometime I wonder about the different journeys that others have had to find the

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How to Use Your Feminine Power to Win a Man’s Love

We all know what it is like to try to fight for a man’s attention or time. You try so hard and then, when he finally does pay attention to you, you start to live in fear that you might eventually lose him. So, you start to do whatever you can to please him, check

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How to Make Men Commit

One of the most common complaints I hear from middle aged, single, professional women is that men do not commit. They may be dating you, you may even move in together, but as soon as you bring up marriage, they run and hide in their man-cave. There are generally two types of men who react

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Why Men Don’t Call after the First Date

Does this sound familiar to you? You go on a first date with a man. Not only does he seem very excited to meet you, he also tells you how beautiful you are, how much he likes you, and how he is serious about finding a long term relationship. Throughout the date, your chemistry feels

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Why Dating is So Challenging and Daunting?

If you feel like dating is challenging and daunting, you are not alone. I have encountered many women who’ve experienced the frustration of dating. You can only go on so many “no-chemistry dates” before you feel like quitting. They can feel like such a waste of time and energy. And believe me, I feel you,

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What is the Purpose of Dating? Find Out on Thursday!

Have you ever found yourself so defeated by love and dating that you wonder, “Why do I ever bother dating? What’s the purpose?” Well, I am here to tell you! The purpose to dating is simple: to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and who also wants to

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