7 Proven Steps To Attract True Love and Build a Fulfilling Relationship

Book Description

  • A modern formula of Happily ever after
  • A must-read for smart, ambitious, independent women who spent their life achieving success in their career, yet experience stress and an overwhelmingly empty feeling of missing out a loving relationship
  • This book will bring hope and light to those women who are still in the dark, can’t see the light or who are seeking guidance on the journey to find the love of their lives
  • Discover the real blocks and resistance that prevent women in having the relationship they want
  • “The Happiness Code” 7 proven steps to attract true love and build a lasting fulfilling relationship

Benefits of Book

  • For every woman who struggles in relationships and intimacy. They will find solutions and guidance in these pages and a way to reclaim their passion and joy in their life
  • Discover what’s the real roadblocks preventing them to have the relationship they desire
  • This book outlines 7 proven steps to find a lasting fulfilling relationship while maintaining your professional career. The practical exercises help the reader work through the learning points and experience the necessary steps to take action and achieve success and happiness.
  • Each chapter contains the fundamental learning and essential skills, personal examples, and practical exercises and tools to help the reader better understand themselves and the dynamics of human interactions necessary for a healthy relationship.

Who is this Book for

  • The primary audience for this book is women, ages 30-70, who are ambitious and successful in their jobs but have challenges about finding love and fulfilling relationship.
  • Despite your success in every area of your life, you feel you are missing out on sharing your happiness and joy with someone special
  • You want to find a true and lasting love, but think you are too old, too late, and not beautiful enough, not slim enough or some other limiting beliefs.
  • You are smart, successful, independent, but find yourself getting involved with the same type of emotionally unavailable men again and again without commitment.
  • You’ve had bad relationships in the past, and have lost the confidence to trust that you’ll make right choice next time.


I had been out of dating scene more than 15 years. After divorced and being single for many years, I wasn’t sure how to get back on dating. But I truly desire to find a partner to share the rest of life with. I am so glad that I took the courage to join Xiaoli’s coaching program. It made my online dating experience so much easier and smooth just by following Xiaoli‘s guidance step by step. I tried online dating before, but it was a terrible experience only attracted wrong guys and never actually had 2nd dates. This time the quality of my dating pool is much better. Xiaoli helped me on my profile writing and identified my limiting beliefs and old relationship patterns. Huge breakthrough! Now I am with this guys on 6th date. Things are going well. Through this program, not only I became more comfortable communicating with men and ask for what I want, also more confident about myself and who I am.

Big gratitude to you Xiaoli and your coaching

Sara H

I came from a very traditional and orthodox family. Arranged marriages were still very much the norm. However, I always felt that something was missing – I wanted more than the normal description of an arranged marriage. When I moved here, I decided to begin dating. Online dating felt too artificial, onerous and risky. I didn’t know how to do this. When I started coaching with you, for the first time, I felt hopeful. Dating was an exciting journey and not a burdensome prerequisite to finding the love of my life. You helped me change my perspective on that. More than that, with you, I stumbled upon core beliefs and attitudes holding me back that I never knew I had! I understood, for the first time, what I was really looking for. 6 months later, I see how my relationships around me have improved. The greatest gift I received was that I became a better version of myself.

Thank you Xiaoli- I hope you continue to impact lives as you did mine.

Vassani J

Before I started working with Xiaoli, I felt sad, lost, abandoned, lonely and depressed. During our 6-month coaching program, Shirley really helped me breakthrough my old limiting beliefs and cleared up my vision for life and for my relationship. Now I am more confident and happily in relationship.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and guidance. I’m in such a better place mentally, emotionally and spiritually and attracting wonderful people in my life and experience the fulfillment of my desires.

Thank you Xiaoli.

Yen L

I am a very independent woman and was always proud of that. After a few broken relationships, I didn’t think I need a man in my life. But despite the success in career, I did feel something missing and life was not complete. Xiaoli‘ s coaching changed my perspective. She helped me figure out what prevented me to find love./

I always had a bad perspective about online dating but decided to give it try with Xiaoli ‘s coaching program because not only she found her love online, also her coaching topics are very intriguing and refreshing to me. Maybe I was lucky, with Xiaoli’s guidance on profile, photos and dating skills etc., I found my boyfriend Ken in two months. I can say I happily graduated from this program.

Thank you Xiaoli!

Julie J

Xiaoli helped me to get really clear on what I want and need in a relationship. She also gave me several different tools to use to help me identify what triggers me and why and how to communicate more effectively .

All of the work we did together has helped me to get clearer on my goals in life and the steps I need to take to achieve them, as well as who I want in my life to share them with. She helped me to reclaim my voice and I am very grateful.

It was a wonderful working experience with you!”

Grace C

I was unhappy, constantly being pulled down by repetitive negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and others. I enrolled into Happiness In Love 3 months coaching program. The beauty of the weekly coaching sessions was getting to know my true self, healing my old wounds, and getting to know my partner’s needs by developing a conscious relationship with him.

My negative self-talk has quieted down and I successfully use new relationship skills to have fun or handle challenging situations. I am extraordinarily pleased with the results I have achieved working with Xiaoli. Her commitment, guidance, training and experience has provided me with a chance to love and care for myself and others, and all of this in a very short time.

Xiaoli, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Lily F



Xiaoli Mei is a certified Relationship Coach, known as the Happiness In Love Coach for coaching professional women to find true love and to bring balance to a happy relationship with a busy career. Xiaoli moved from China to the US to work on her advanced degree.  She reached for and quickly achieved success in her professional career, moving up through the ranks in corporate America.  Yet, her personal life still suffered. Having personally experienced two failed marriages and other broken relationships, Xiaoli set out on a quest to find happiness in life.  She knew it was possible to achieve happiness in love while maintaining success in a professional career. But having both seemed quite elusive. After years of researching, learning, and coaching, Xiaoli cracked the “Happiness Code” and discovered what it takes for Asian professional women to find lasting happiness and love in the Western world while keeping their professional career on track.  Captured in this book are those discoveries. It will teach you the necessary tools and skills to achieve balance in both your professional career and how to achieve a successful relationship. Today, Xiaoli lives happily with her soulmate /Husband Jim and teach women from all cultural backgrounds on how to find their true love and what it takes to build a loving and lasting relationship.

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