Are you Bringing CEO Energy into Your Relationship?

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When Diana showed up in my office for the first time, I wasn’t sure if she came for a coaching session or to make a business presentation. She was a well-dressed, sharp as a whip, professional woman in her mid-40.

She quickly got down to business and shared this story with me: As a CEO who ran a multimillion-dollar business, she rarely had time in her busy schedule to spend time with single guys in a relaxed and casual setting. In her world, everything was about business and work. But in her heart, she craved companionship and love. She didn’t want to spend the rest of life alone, with only her work to keep her company. So, like the professional, organized woman she is, she made time to go on dates. She especially liked online dating because it gave her the flexibility to arrange dates based around her busy schedule. Personally, I believe she was quite a good catch: A sophisticated, Ivy-League educated woman who ran successful business!

But to her surprise and confusion, guys kept disappearing on her after the first date. She couldn’t figure it out. Why was she having so many first dates, but no second dates?

I quickly realized the cause of her situation: Her CEO energy.

She came to my office looking for help, but the way she talked to me was more like she was giving a lecture about how weak men were these days and that there are no true gentlemen out there. She then demanded that I find solutions to fix her situation.

I could easily imagine her on dates with men, probably still unconsciously using her CEO energy and treating her dates like they were her employees. It was obvious to me that she scared men away with her masculine CEO energy. That’s why she felt so frustrated and confused about why men were turning her down for second or third dates. Men want to date feminine women, not CEOs. Diana was failing to switch gears between “feminine energy” and “masculine energy” in her dates.

“CEO-mode is dynamic, but not magnetic.” This is a perfect description of Diana and many other female high achievers. In the love department, CEO-mode doesn’t work well. We need to be who we are as women—feeling, experiencing, and receiving.

CEO-mode is more possessed with masculine energy. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or not, you still might unconsciously be carrying that kind of masculine energy into your dates or relationships. This isn’t always obvious to women who have a hard time disengaging from their professional, CEO-mode image.

When you embody your feminine side around a man, he will be smitten by you. He will want to shower you with adoration and generosity. When you cling to your masculine energy, a man will find a way to withdraw or disappear.

Thankfully, your feminine side is already within you, you may just need extra help and tools to bring it out! Please click here to learn whether or not you’re operating too often from your masculine energy and what kind of strategies you can engage in to soften your “vibe” around men.

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