5 Signs you are chasing the Relationship

How do you keep the attraction and romantic tension in dating and in relationship?

The secret lies in the masculine energy and feminine energy polarity.

One of my signature programs is to coach women how to balance masculine energy and feminine energy. Masculine energy is about action, doing, thinking, analyzing and leading. Feminine energy is about feeling, expressing, following, receiving and being.

As professional women, we use masculine energy often in the work place. Most of time, masculine energy is a “must” to have a successful career. But bringing masculine energy into dating or your relationship might work against you.

One of the ways you may be bringing masculine energy in dating is by chasing the man you are interested in.

Here are 5 major behaviors or signs:
  1. Asking him why he hasn’t called you yet
  2. Asking him how he feels about you or the relationship
  3. Acting like a social director, planning and inviting him to go social activities with you
  4. Texting him, emailing him, Facebooking him, sending him a cute card, dropping by his house, or in any way attempting to initiate some kind of contact.
  5. You quickly introduced him to your family and friends before he introduced you to his family and friends.

It’s normal that when we find ourselves falling for a man, we are afraid that if we don’t show enough interest in him, he might get the wrong message and drift away. We want to make sure he knows we like him by acting on those five behaviors I just listed. But, you may be asking how chasing him, or using your masculine energy, will cause him to drift away from you.

The simple reason is because most men operate from masculine energy. THEY want to be the doer! THEY want to be the pursuers in dating & in relationships! If YOU do all the things for him, you don’t give him space to step up as a man… for them to lead the relationship. Men perceive check-ins, invitations, and questions about the relationship as pressure. If YOU are doing all their work, some men will withdraw or back off on their dating efforts. If you pursue, they withdraw.

The wisdom of dating is to define the roles of man as giver and women as receiver.

Dating is designed to assist a woman in relaxing and letting a man take care of her needs… YOUR needs. When you let a man take care of your needs and you are happy in the relationship, he will become more confident, purposeful, and responsible. This brings out the best in everyone. It becomes a win-win situation.

If you are aggressive or attempt to please him too much, give too much, you become less attractive to men. A man’s attraction and interest in a woman can’t grow if she is too assertive and aggressive. That’s why some successful women in business have hard time to find a man and make him commit because she possess too much masculine energy in the dating environment.

As a career woman, you are accustomed to managing, leading, and making decisions at work place. You probably do not know how to relax, receive, be responsive, and let man lead… Right? Here is how my coaching comes in to help you achieve this balance.

If you have a successful career and everything else in life seems like it is going well for you, yet you struggle a great deal in your efforts to find a man and make him commit, you have come to the right place.

Schedule a free consultation with me. Let’s chat on how I can help you identify your relationship challenges and coach you on how to consciously switch from using masculine energy at work to applying feminine energy in your relationships. You CAN master the techniques on how to intentionally balance both energies and apply them when the situation dictates!

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2 thoughts on “5 Signs you are chasing the Relationship”

  1. I think you are so correct. I’ve been thinking about how to change my dating a lot lately and I think I might need a relationship coach. I’m curious though, because I found this website and there’s a review for a book. What do you think about a series of books like this one for learning how to attract a guy? According to the review she teaches some psychology methods that are really good. Have you ever heard of Amy North or read any of her stuff? You can find the review here: https://attractiontheories.com/review-amy-norths-devotion-system/

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your interest in my blog. While I have not read Amy North’s books, they sound familiar and are grounded in the basic principles of relationships. There are many relationship books, but reading is only one aspect of self growing. A good relationship coach is another key element to help you reach your full potential. They will hold you accountable, support you in reaching your goals, and stretch you to be the best.

      It’s good that you have been thinking about needing a relationship coach. Now is the time to identify a good relationship coach with which you can connect on a personal level and begin to change your dating habits. If you want to discuss further, drop me a note at xiaoli@happinessinlove.com


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