Does True Love Exist?

Do you believe true love?

💖   Many women think it lies in finding the right person or having a perfected list of qualities you’re looking for in a partner.
💖   Some think it’s about where or how you meet the person while others think the key is in “divine timing.”

But none of them will bring true love to you.

The key to true love with another person is creating true love within yourself first.

We’re not talking about self-care, though we do encourage doing all the things that fill you up and nourish your soul.

Self-love is deeper.

Self-love is about the relationship you have with yourself.

But it’s the most difficult task on earth.

Whether you are single, or in a relationship,

The relationship you have with yourself will be reflected in any relationships you have with other people.


It’s easier to point outside of yourself for why things aren’t working the way you’d like to in your life. It’s much harder to look inward and be responsible for what you’re experiencing and creating in your relationships and in your life.

And mostly, if you don’t have the skills to know how to turn things around it can be a terrifying and frustrating place to be.

When I was in the midst of my own self-love mission, everything in my life looked perfect on the outside. I had the job, I had great kids, I traveled with my girlfriends, and I was dating a lot — Men would always tell me that I had an amazing life and was an amazing woman, but they just couldn’t give me what I wanted.

I felt so confused and wondered why. If my life was so awesome, how could I still come home at night and feel so miserable and lonely and alone?

Finally, I realized that all I wanted was someone to validate that I was lovable when what I really needed was to create that love inside myself first.

Everything starts with you.
And that’s GREAT news!

Are you ready?

If you need guidance and support how to begin love yourself, grab a clarity call with me today. Let’s do it together!

Much love,


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