How to Use Your Feminine Power to Win a Man’s Love

We all know what it is like to try to fight for a man’s attention or time. You try so hard and then, when he finally does pay attention to you, you start to live in fear that you might eventually lose him. So, you start to do whatever you can to please him, check up on him, do things for him, or even try to change yourself for him.

feminine power

Of course, if you have been on that path, you know what almost always happens… Despite giving him all of that energy and effort, trying to keep his attention, he loses interest. You lose him anyway! Always chasing after a man and doing whatever you can to please him never works in the battle to win his love. You can only capture his heart when you know how to properly use your feminine power!

Turn the Focus Onto You

Look, doing whatever you can to get and keep a man’s attention just doesn’t work. That’s because a man doesn’t fall in love because of how much of yourself you give him, or even what you can do for him. He falls in love because of how much he can do for YOU.

A man wants to please you, not just because it makes you happy, but because it makes him feel like he can positively contribute to your life. He wants to make your life better. Men need to feel that they are doing something for you. So, if you’re always the one who handles everything and only takes care of him, guess what? You’re doing HIS job! And that can turn him off. Which brings me to…

Be Your Most Feminine Self

If you want to feel completely adored in a relationship, you need to understand that men feel drawn to us because of our feminine nature. Men thrive on this feminine energy, it naturally complements their masculine nature. When you are embodying your natural, alluring, feminine self, he will feel inspired to shower you with love and devotion.

So many of us refuse to embrace our feminine energy, especially if we are used to being independent go-getters for the rest of our lives. Utilizing your masculine energy can work wonders in your career, but NOT in your love life. A man will never fall in love with you if you are not sharing your feminine self with him.

Nourish Your Life Outside of Him

Have you ever gotten love blindness? It’s when we are so attracted to a man that we put blinders on. Suddenly, everything else in our lives that we used to love gets pushed to the side so you can spend all of your energy on him. This can lead you to want to take care of him, doing everything for him, etc., and then we find ourselves back where we started at the beginning of this blog.

In order to counteract your urge to invest all of your energy to take care of him, you need to make a point to experience and feel as much of you can OUTSIDE of your relationship. Start doing activities that put you in touch with your sensual self, such as dance classes, massages, spending time in nature, or even simply taking a long bath.

When you make yourself the priority instead of him and fully commit to your own passions, he will know that he has found a woman that he can love forever. If all of this seems a little strange to you, that’s ok! It can take a while to get used to these ideas.

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