Are you ready to find the one online?

Online Dating Group Coaching Program!

You may have tried online dating with no success and thought “it’s awful” and “there are just a bunch of liars and players online!”

But the truth is online dating does work!

In 2017, 19% of brides said they met their spouse online!
My own dating profile led me to meet the love of my life, Jim!

So can you!

If you are ready for online dating, but feel overwhelmed with writing a unique profile, communicating effectively and meeting quality men…

I am here to provide you with an online dating easy button!

Finding the One Online

Group Coaching with Xiaoli Mei, Your Happiness in Love Coach

An online group coaching program where you’ll be given step-by-step guidance to discover how fun & easy online dating can be!

You’ll learn strategies that will enable you to be more likable, attractive, and charming in your dating profile and your messages, maximizing the chances that you will find the love of your life through online dating!

Still unsure? Want to find out if you are right for this challenge? Grab a free 30 minute consultation!

Here is what you will learn in this online coaching program:

  • How to choose the proper dating websites
  • How to create a witty username and headline
  • How to write a one-of-a-kind online profile to make yourself stand out
  • How to select the right photos to increase your visibility
  • How to conduct an effective search to make sure you always have quality dates lined up on weekly basis
  • How to curate your favorites list and approach them in a fun way
  • How to write your first messages
  • How to move from online communication to a real life dates at a comfortable pace, so you don’t become a permanent pen pal or feel like you’re rushed into meeting someone before you feel ready
  • How to have a successful first date
  • How to date multiple people simultaneously
  • When to take your profile down
  • To master your dating and relationship communication skills by making your intentions clear that you’re ready and looking for a committed relationship
  • Discover 9 fatal flaws would cause problems in your relationship even you two truly love each other
  • Understand the 7 compatibility obstacles that could continuously challenge your relationship
  • Discover the four levels of commitment in a relationship and be able to identify which level of commitment you’re currently in
  • Learn how to progress easily to the next level of commitment and achieve what you truly desire from your relationship
You may have had a bad experience with online dating in the past, and feel discouraged and frustrated. Believe me, you are not alone!!! It is the ineffective communication and bad dating profiles that worked against your success! Rest assured that with the right guidance and proper tools & skills, you will save time, energy, heartache, and get what you truly desire – someone who loves you for who you are.

Here are some more topics we will cover in this coaching program:

  • How to express and communicate the best parts of who you are
  • How to talk freely about sensitive topics without scaring men away
  • How to safely and courageously communicate what your boundaries are, what hurts your feelings, and what makes you happy
  • How to stop men from mysteriously losing interest and how to get them chasing you
  • How to understand men’s hero instincts, values, emotions, and communication styles.
  • The Art of Detachment: how to go with the flow and avoid the painful fallout of feelings of rejection and disappointment
  • How to discover the source of feminine power within yourself and balance out masculine and feminine energy in dating process
  • What your hidden (unconscious) limiting beliefs are that prevent you from attracting the right person into your life
  • How to be irresistible by developing specific skills and behaviors to create a deep and intense sense of attraction and intimacy
  • How to handle arguments in a way that will actually make your relationship hotter
  • How to handle whatever lingering or unsolved emotional issues from the past that may come up during dating

What if you could have all of that by investing just 90 Days in yourself?

To help you find success, you will receive:

  • 24 video coaching sessions you can watch at your leisure
  • Facebook Live Q & A throughout the program to address your SPECIFIC questions
  • Access to private (secret) Facebook group to share insights, ideas, & homework, and give/get support with a community of women on same journey
  • 18 Exercises and homework that creates the tangible results for you immediately
  • Continued support (24/7 hotline style) is provided through a secret Facebook Group
  • An online dating profile branding worksheet
  • An online dating profile review
  • An online dating profile pictures guidelines
  • An online dating services overview
  • Online dating subscription recommendations, based on each individual needs
  • Online dating email, texting, and phone call sample scripts and templates
  • 40 first date ideas
  • Common first date questions and how to answer them
  • Topics to avoid on the first date
  • Top 10 mistakes people make when online dating
  • Questions to ask at the beginning of dating to guarantee a happy relationship
  • The 9 stages of online dating
  • Access to a private Facebook group with ongoing 24/7 coaching support. Ask any questions you wish about dating and get your answer from me and the group