Do you need a relationship to be happy?

Smart & strong women who are single for so long often doubt if they need a man or a relationship. It seems that relationships only bring drama and frustration to life. I doubted that also when I was single, especially following some miserable breakups.

There is a big difference between women who are truly happy by themselves. Who doesn’t need a man or a relationship to be happy?


They have become used to being single. Independent and self-sufficient to the point that they don’t know how to open the heart to let love in.


After some bad relationship experience, they felt frustrated and disappointed. Intentionally shut down, with a closed heart to love.

Which situation is yours? Do you know how to tell the difference?

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Recently a lady in my Facebook Group asked me this question:
“I have been single for many years. I don’t feel like to need a man to be happy. Why do you? Tell me what is the real benefit of having a man in your life but without all those relationship dramas; troubles?”

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