How to Differentiate Ego and Intuition

As human being, we all have Egos.  But we also have Intuition too!

Our Ego is the logical and perception-based reality of how we see the world… a defense mechanism we use to make decisions.  Sometimes it is fear based, trying to keep us safe, away from the unknown and uncertain situations which we perceive as potentially harmful or painful.  Our Intuition is messages from our heart.  It is that feeling you get when you sense something to be right, but acting on it does not follow the logical decision our Ego tells us we should do. 

Our Intuition can sense what is right (or what is wrong), but we fail to realize the signs.  Most of the time, our Intuition knows what decision is right and how to ensure we can enjoy love and happiness to the fullest.  Most of time we ignore our Intuition and follow what our Ego tells us to do.

In dating, this scenario plays out quite often. You know something is missing, but you still keep dating the person because you are scared you might not find someone better, or you are afraid of being alone again, or you are tired and just decided to settle for less than your minimum standards.

In one of my Mindset Mondays talks, I presented how the Ego can get in the way of finding love. I presented ideas and ways to trust and listen to your heart, rejecting your Ego’s directives to “play it safe”.

If you find yourself asking the question, “What’s the difference between Ego and Intuition?  How do I tell them apart?”  Here is the answer:

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