How to Meet Men in Real Life

Online dating is not the only option to find love. Certainly you can meet your man in real life. The only thing stopping you is when you don’t leave the house or you don’t step outside of your comfort zone.



We all have busy schedules and many obligations in life. The art is how to incorporate meeting your potential mate into your busy schedule. One way you can do it is to make a social calendar, making sure you schedule one or two social events per week in advance on your calendar.

There are many places you can meet men in real life, literally everywhere… Here are a few suggestions:

  • Coffee shops: Nowadays Lots of business people have small meetings in coffee shops.You can read books (e.g. a romantic book) with a cup of coffee. If the weather is good, you could sit outside, enjoy the sunshine while reading the story. Surprisingly people might start talking to you.
  • BBQ Parties: Go to friends or family weekend parties. Or, better yet, host one yourself.  Ask people to bring food to share… potluck style.  But more importantly, ask people to bring their friends so you can meet new people.
  • Check out events on Facebook: If your friends on Facebook are also going, message them, so you can meet them at the event.
  • Networking: Find events to attend or happy hours after work. Some events are more business oriented, but it is still networking… and you will meet like-minded people.
  • Volunteer: Make time to help a charity event.  Find your passion and spend time doing it.
  • If you are a business owner, the local chamber of commerce is a great place to meet people. They always host a lot of events.
  • High end Health clubs: If you enjoy working out, the high end health clubs usually have a café. Spend time after your workout sitting down and relaxing at the café. There clubs also host fitness workshops, make a time to attend.
  • Meetup groups: Log onto Meetup and find a group of people who have similar interests and tastes for activities. Go Meet Up and talk.
Here are 3 tips that would help you to attract people to talk to you:
  • Make sure the event or activity is something that excites you. If you have a passion for it and if it is something you love, you will be more talkative and socials.  Do NOT go just for the sake of meeting people.
  • Once you are at the event, it is very important to stay relaxed. Take notice of the little things.  Be observant of the people around you and pick out what you like about them.  Observe and appreciate others.  Love starts with appreciation. Be interested, be curious.
  • When you are present, relaxed and soft, your energy will attract masculine men who will make a point to come talk to you. Remain relaxed and soft when they do.

Go out and have fun! Remember good things happens when you are having fun.

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