Are You Longing For Companionship?

“Seek And You Will Find”

Jim and I just got back from a mini-vacation. We drove the ATV on the sand dunes, hiked along the coastal trail and then soaked in the natural hot spring. It’s left both myself and my companion feeling so relaxed and recharged.

I love to travel. Whether that’s discovering a new place, experiencing a different culture, or hiking in nature. It grounds my soul and calms my mind from my daily hectic schedule. And it reminds me of how beautiful life is!

When I was single, I traveled alone a lot. In fact, I crossed 4 continents! It was an unforgettable experience. But when I looked around seeing other couples sharing conversation over a glass of wine, or hold hands while walking in nature, I felt something was missing in my life.

The yearning in my heart told me that I too wanted to share this beautiful life experience with someone special!

Xiaoli - companionship

My client Rose has had the exact same feeling. Rose is a successful real estate investor. Like me, she loves to travel to the bone, so she’s traveled a great deal to see the world.  But mostly alone or with friends.

She felt she had bad luck in the love department.

When she was young, she had a few relationships but all of them ended miserably.

She lost hope in meeting a man and finding love and decided to only focus on her business.

Rose came to me for help right after her 50th birthday. Even with her great success and wealth, she said she felt lonely and empty, especially on weekends or during holiday seasons.

So she buried herself in her work to avoid those lonely feelings.

Many years of hard work certainly accumulated great wealth for her, but also caused her some health issues.

Now she is at the point in her life where she wants to work less and enjoy more things in life. She mostly wants to be healthy and happy. And naturally, her longing for companionship and desire to share the rest of life with someone became her priority.

Rose and I had been working together for about 9 months. She really put her heart and soul into it; learning and dating men. And finally, it all paid off!

Not only has she found a great boyfriend who adores her, he actually proposed to her last month.

Now I feel my life is complete,” she told me.  She is much happier, calmer and her health condition improved dramatically.

This is exactly what Psychologist Thomas Bradbury observed. He says…

Relationships can provide us with tremendous benefits, including better mental and physical health. A good relationship can provide a level of profound happiness, serenity, and richness of the inner life

But if you want to reap these benefits, you have to make your relationship a priority in your life”.

After working on this area of her life, Rose realized that it was not that she had bad luck in the love department in the past, but her fear of being hurt again, that diminished her desire for the companionship.

If you have a desire that is strong enough, that desire will become your vibration, and it will override any other lower vibrations you have.

The result has to come to you by the law of the Universe.

Are you resonating with Rose’s story?

Are you longing for companionship but still feel hurt from past failed relationships?

Have you lost hope for a long-lasting relationship?

Ask yourself this question…

How strong is your desire to find companionship so that you can enjoy life together?

I would love to help you if you are feeling a strong desire to meet the one. So I would love to offer you an opportunity to jump on a call with me to see if I can help you just like I helped Rose.


If this blog or any others has resonated with you, I would love to connect with you personally to see if I can help you further.

I offer a no-strings complimentary consultation. Please book yours today HERE

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2 thoughts on “Are You Longing For Companionship?”

  1. Thank you so much, Xiaoli, for this heartfelt and hopeful article. I am 80 (honest-to-God, I look 60!), I’ve been widowed and divorced, have recovered from the second marriage for five years…and now it’s my time again to find my heart’s best companion. I know it will happen! I’m a book editor, and a p.r./marketing writer. My clients are all over the U.S. and in other countries. No limits for me professionally. Thank you for your hopeful statement that companionship will come to me by the law of the Universe. I think so, too. This period is rapidly going into the past. I would consider working with you, yes, except that I’m doing a business barter with a tough dating coach in New York City — I edit her p.r. announcements in exchange for coaching. My heart demands its companion! It’s going to happen.

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for the note. You look amazing! and still working with passion. If you like, lets have a chat to see how I can help you to find companion and also would like to understand more about what you do. You can text me or call me at 925-457-2969 to schedule a chat.

      Xiaoli Mei
      Happiness In Love Coach

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