Ready For Love group coaching

A 12 weeks group coaching program dedicated to guiding you step-by-step as you fulfill your lifelong dream of finding your life partner — who appreciates the intelligent, successful woman you are and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with YOU!

Imagine your life 12 weeks from now, if you...

  • Broke through your limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to attract and keep your ideal man
  • Connect to your inner confidence by getting over the past, so you can make good choices and trust your own decisions
  • Confidently navigated modern dating without fear and frustration of another failed relationship that’s wrong for you or repeating the same old pattern again and again.
  • Had high-caliber, like-minded, relationship-ready men showing up in your dating life
  • Knew how to sort the potential candidates and knew exactly what to say and how to say it in every dating situation
  • Found a man who was compatible with you on my levels and ready to put you and your needs first — who truly appreciated all you have to offer him

Trust me, it’s possible! By having an expert coach and mentor at your disposal and by your side, you can walk through this journey and find the love of your life with confidence.

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Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • You’ve got no issue meeting men (you’re an amazing catch!), but how do you take those initial sparks on the first date to an actual committed relationship? Something always seems to go wrong!
  • You’ve met way too many men who seem like “the one,” but then the connection fizzles out and you’re left wondering what you’ve done wrong.
  • You’ve been online (or offline!) dating for years, but you’re still alone doubting that love is really in the cards for you. You’re wondering if it’s time to give up, but you’re also scared of spending your life alone.
  • You’re feeling lost, frustrated, or confused about men’s behavior while dating.
  • You’ve recently gotten divorced or broken up with someone, and you’re not sure what to do differently next time.

If any of these situations speak to you, then, I promise that this program is exactly what you need to change your dating story!

It takes all the guesswork and confusion out of your dating and will dramatically boost your chances of finding (and keeping!) the right man for you. It’s your turn to build a committed, lasting relationship once and for all. 

And, I’m here to support you on your journey to finding love that lasts with my frustration-free, step-by-step program and guidance!

Although, to give you a bit of a heads up, you must also be driven and committed to making this happen! It’s time to work on that mindset and get out of your own way. (I know, easier said than done, but we can tackle this together!)

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What will you learn in this program?

In the Ready for Love Now: From Dating to Commitment Mentorship program,
you will dive deep into…

Breaking free from your limiting beliefs
  • Identify any potential limiting beliefs that sabotage your past relationships
  • Use effective tools to eliminate those limiting beliefs, old internal programming, and past wounds
  • Create a new, powerful belief system and the right mindset to attract the ideal people into your life
Mastering the modern dating process from online to offline
  • Gain the skills and knowledge on the 5 dating stages
  • Develop skills to get quality dates without wasting time on the wrong people
  • Build knowledge on what to say, the effective way to say it, and how to handle every dating situation
  • Dig into detailed dating strategies and tactics
Getting “his” world

  • Understand men’s hero instincts, values, emotions, and communication styles
  • Safely and courageously communicate your needs and feelings without scaring men away
  • Discover what makes men commit, so you can prevent them from pulling away early on
  • Master the four levels of commitment in a relationship and learn how to progress easily to the next level of commitment
Tapping into your feminine energy

  • Discover the source of feminine power within yourself
  • Balance out masculine and feminine energy in the dating process
  • Understand why men are attracted to your feminine energy and use it to get him to commit
  • Develop specific skills and behaviors to create a deep and intense sense of attraction and intimacy

Here's what you can expect...

  • 12 weeks living coaching and masterminds with me on Zoom
  • Access to 3 training modules including coaching videos & breakthrough exercises, templates, and scripts
  • Participation in the “Ready for Love Now” Facebook group – an exclusive community for PAID members in this mentorship program so I can always be there to answer your questions between sessions
  • One year membership in the group after the program

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Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Xiaoli Mei! I’m a Dating/ Relationship Coach – known as the Happiness In Love Coach – and I help professional women find true love and balance happy relationships with busy careers. Being a career-minded woman myself, I never imagined I would become a love coach one day. But my own life experience led me onto this path.

My successful career didn’t bring me the total fulfillment I longed for and I struggled through a lot in relationships.  As a twice-divorced single mom with two kids, you can imagine how frustrated I was in my search for love. No one would be proud of all these misfortunes in relationships, right? I had endless self-doubts running through my mind…I wasn’t lovable, I wasn’t good enough, sexy enough, I was too old, it was too late….you name it, I thought it! 

But one thing that changed my love life was my perseverance. I didn’t give up on finding love because of divorce or a bunch of failed dating experiences. I didn’t subscribe to my family and friends’ negative comments like: “You’re too old.” “All the good men are taken.” Or, “Online dating is for crazy people.” Even my mom asked me to just settle down and not be so picky!

I had two choices – either I listened to what they said and gave up, or changed what I was doing. So I decided to take control of my own destiny and crack this relationship code. 

And guess what happened? I met the love of my life – my husband, Jim, ONLINE!

All my friends said I was lucky, but truthfully, it wasn’t a smooth path and it wasn’t one that happened by luck or chance. 

In fact, attracting and meeting the right partner is just the first step. In the journey of finding true love, there are so many limiting beliefs and old patterns that sabotage your relationships unconsciously. 

For me, there were still emotional wounds buried inside that only surfaced or were triggered when I was in an intimate relationship.

Thankfully, navigating relationships is a learnable skill. And, with the help of my coaches and mentors – along with extensive learning and readings – I found the winning formula! Now, it’s truly my passion to help women transform their own love lives (without the same struggles I experienced) by sharing my winning formula with you.

(If you want to learn more about my story and my journey to find my true love, read my book “Conscious Journey to a Lasting Love” on Amazon.)

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Are you ready?

How much longer are you willing to settle for less?


How many more weeks, months, years (perhaps, decades) are going to go by before you’re ready to have the love you really want?

You may already have it “all” – the education, the job, the savings, the travel experience – but you still don’t have anyone to share it with.

In the past, you’ve spent your hard-earned income on pleasures: a nice car, redoing a bathroom or a kitchen, dazzling and transformative trips to Europe and Asia. You’ve probably invested a bit in savings as well: an IRA here, a 401K there.

The only thing you haven’t invested in is the thing that would make you happier than anything else: finding and keeping lasting love.

If you don’t make the shift, imaging one year from now, here’s what you’re likely going to continue experiencing…

  • Feeling exhausted and anxious
  • Being out of control in your dating life
  • A nagging sense of doubt that you’re not worthy or deserving of the love you crave
  • Falling back into old patterns and choosing the wrong or unavailable men
  • Not trusting yourself with men

So, you have to ask yourself, what’s the cost of NOT making this investment?

However, this program is NOT for you if you’re...

  • Someone who’s not willing or ready to take responsibility for her life
  • Someone who’s given up hope and no longer believes a quality, lasting relationship is even possible
  • Someone who just wants a relationship, but doesn’t want to actually grow as a person
  • Someone who’s not willing to take a deeper look at themselves and only wants tricks and gimmicks
  • Someone who is a man-hater or thinks there is something fundamentally wrong with men
  • Someone who is not willing to give the program an honest try for the next 90 days

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It's Time to Invest in YOU!

If you’re ready to leave your past baggage behind and step into a new you, join us!

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