The Secrets to be Irresistible to the Man and Relationship you Desire

There are two types of attraction: Animal attraction and human spirit attraction.

Animal attraction is more physical attraction, where men and women are attracted to each other because of their looks, body shape, and chemistry.

Human Spirit attraction is more of a spiritual compatibility, when men and women are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually attracted to each other.

In the beginning, most relationships develop on a physical attraction level. Every person has his or her own physical preference and is drawn to certain types, looks, and body shapes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to make a relationship last, your attraction can’t stop that level. After all, if physical attraction was all it took to build a great relationship, there wouldn’t be so much drama in Hollywood. Everyone in Hollywood should live happily ever after because all of the actors are handsome and all of the actress are gorgeous, right?!

So, the secret to being irresistible has nothing to do your looks, your age, or your body shape. The key to making a man devoted and irresistible to you, to build a relationship, lies in human spirit attraction.

For women to be irresistible to men, we need switch our DOING energy with BEING energy. “Doing” energy is very masculine. It’s all about the need to get things done. It’s the idea that, in order to get what we want, we must first be who we really are then do what we need to do. So, what does BEING energy look like?

  • Being confident: This is when we feel confident about ourselves, our strengths, and our weaknesses. It’s when we accept ourselves, our imperfections, and when we are comfortable in our own skin, radiant and beaming. It’s when we are in our best feminine state. In my coaching, I’ve encountered so many women who are stunningly beautiful and extremely smart, but they constantly feel like they are just not good enough! Being self-critical is a trap you need to escape from.
  • Being authentic: The definition of authentic is to be genuine and real, not fake or a copy. That says all. You are the only YOU in the world, no one else is identical to you. So be true to yourself. Always speak what’s on your mind. No manipulation, no game playing, just authenticity.
  • Being passionate: You probably have no idea how beautiful you are when you are talking about something you are passionate about. When you feel that passion, your eyes will be sparkling. That’s a huge turn on for men!
  • Being receptive: I can expand this point into an entire workshop session. Being receptive is the way to the heart of a man. If you understand deep men and women dynamics, you know that being receptive is the motive why men wish to please you and make you happy. Men want to take credit for your happiness. Pleasing you makes them feel good about themselves. They feel successful when they are with you. The only thing they need from you is your appreciation. So, let men contribute to your happiness, please you, and provide for you.

In love, you never have to prove your worthiness. Being who you are is enough. You are loved just because of who you are.

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