The #1 Secret Sauce for Finding Love

Recently, I was on the Erin Strayer Show to live chat with the host, Erin Strayer, about love, dating, and relationships.

We discussed two key topics.  Whether true lasting love exists and what is the biggest challenges facing single women to find true love.

During the interview, I gave out the #1 secret sauce for finding true love!

I also answered her other questions about online dating, including why online dating can be so frustrating for most women.  I also provided tips on, if online dating is not really your thing, where to go to meet quality people in real life.

Watch Interview Here

As always, I would love to chat with you if you have specific questions and challenges in your love life. I completely understand that everyone’s situation is different and will tailor each talk to your unique needs. To schedule a complimentary discovery session with me, click HERE.

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