The ONLY Reason Prevents You to Get the Relationship You Want!

Every year I meet my coach to set new goals to bring my business to the next level. One of my clients said to me “You are a coach yourself.  Can’t you just coach yourself? Why you need someone else to coach you?”

A great question!

We all have a sense of purpose, filled with dreams and visions about life and about ourselves.

But the biggest block is…OUR OWN RESISTANCE!  Internal resistance… resistance from ourselves, our mind, and our thinking patterns…including some patterns to which we are not even aware.


Every time when we step out of our comfort zone into something new, fear will show up. That’s for all human beings, including coaches.  Remember, coaches are human too, so no exception.

I have asked several successful coaches who are million-dollar earners.  They told me the same thing.  They have fear also!  But, they know how to seek out resources to help break through those mental blocks.

For every challenge or problem, there is a solution existing at the same time. It’s the law of Polarity. The only thing that prevents people in finding the solutions to their problems is their own resistance.

Like my mentor told me, “a coach’s work is to keep people from resisting.”

We are the creator of our own life.  A coach’s job is to guide us in the creation of our goals and desires. So, we can either continue to resist.  Or, we can take the simple action each day or week to overcome that resistance and make the life we want.

There is no waiting for a deep insight to create momentum and action. We instead allow the actions to create the drive and energy. Confidence is gained from doing.

Do you know how to achieve your goals?  Do you know what the resistance will be in your ability to achieve them?  Do you know from where the resistance will come?

If you are confused and not sure how to answer those questions. I am here to support and help. Schedule A FREE CALL with me.  Let’s tackle that resistance and overcome those roadblocks to get going this year!

Much love,

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