The Secret to Letting the Man Chase YOU!

Have you ever noticed how some women seem so lucky, with their men always showering them with love and affection?

Those women might not have the sexiest body … like a runway model… or not the best look … like the hottest Hollywood movie stars. But you find yourself asking, “Why are their men so devoted to them?”

The secret is simple. COMPLIMENTS. They give their men compliments… ALWAYS.

One of my clients asked me this questions: “Do you mean I need to constantly feed a man’s ego? Or to be their everyday cheerleader?”

No, it’s far from that.

The compliments you give HAVE to be sincere. They cannot be fake or empty flattery, just to puff up a guy’s self-image. They have to come from your heart.

Most importantly you need to understand why compliments work for men.

The truth is, everyone loves being complimented. But when a woman gives a man a genuine, thoughtful compliment, the impact is amplified.

I keep trying to explain the one basic fact that drives a good man to be better (and most women tend to not believe this). But the simple fact is that a man tries hard to please the woman they love.

Everything they do is to impress you. They work harder, make more money, achieve higher social status, keep in shape, so they can show off to the woman they love. They want to be your hero!

What do they need in return? Your compliments, your appreciation, and your validation!

If you learn how to compliment a guy in the right way, he will do many more of those things
you want him to do for you.

He will become addicted to you and start chasing you because your sincere compliments motivate him to become more, to become the best possible version of himself around you.

What to compliment?
  • Compliment a specific behavior a guy does that you like
  • Compliment his actions on things he has done for you
  • Compliment the things he says to you or about you
  • Be specific, focus on little things, and make sure they are sincere, accurate, and from your heart
  • Men like to be protector and provider. If you stay on the theme of masculinity, it would work like magic

Whatever the actions or behaviors you compliment, men will begin to do more for you.

If you want more this kind of coaching, schedule a complimentary discovery session with me.

See how I can help you to attract the right partner and make him devoted to you once and for all.

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