The Turning Point of My Love Life

I had been single for more than 10 years before I met the love of my life. In those years, I struggled with exactly the same things many singles are going through now… all the frustrations, fears and doubts.

happiness in loveDo you want to know what the biggest turning point was in my love life? I would say when I decided to change my thinking patterns and beliefs.  After years of kissing so many frogs and not being able to turn them into a prince, I started doubting myself.  I began to ask myself, “Was something wrong with me?  Was I not lovable?”  My mom even added to my self-doubt, saying all the good quality men around my age were either taken or would be more interested in younger, prettier women.   That made me add another false belief that I was too old to find a good quality man.

The pattern continued to repeat… until I discovered the concept of “limiting beliefs” and how they can shape our reality.  Beliefs are powerful things, either positive beliefs or negative beliefs. We formed our ‘limiting beliefs” based on our own life experience or through influence from people around us.  Eventually we begin to think that are the truth.  As the Law of Attraction states, “like attracts like”.  Our life only happens the way we think and believe it will happen.  At that time when I believed I wasn’t lovable, the relationships I had really made me feel I wasn’t lovable.

Only after I liberated myself from those limiting beliefs. My life started to change and led me to meet the love of my life.

If you’ve been following my blogs or FB live for a while, you already know that what I do goes far beyond just dating/relationship advice.

You may have come here looking for help with your love life.  You may be getting a lot out of the tips and techniques I give you every week, and I believe that is wonderful progress. (Don’t worry…I’ll keep them coming!)  😉

But there is a bigger journey, a deeper layer of change we need than just using those tips and techniques.

Videos like this give you a glimpse of the many insights. But if you want more than the insights… if you don’t want to spend another day alone, if you want to improve your current relationship into one that is fulfilling and happy, then let me help guide you.

If what you want most is someone special to share upcoming holidays with you, I encourage you to grab a clarity call with me today. I will help you uncover any hidden beliefs and challenges that could be getting in the way of reaching success in your relationships.

Much love,

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