Unlocking Your Core Confidence

Often times, women tell me they are full of confidence!  But once they receive a rejection in dating or experience a break-up in a relationship, they begin to feel self-doubt and begin to believe they are not good enough to be in a relationship with a good man.  After a few rejections, they tend to give up on finding love altogether.

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Here is why…

There are two layers of confidence. They are:

  • Skin Deep or Surface Confidence: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Core Confidence- our TRUE confidence

The First Layer of Confidence is about our competency or personal skills.  Examples of this first layer of confidence include our job, our social status, the knowledge and training we have in certain areas, or even the hobbies or talents we developed over years of experience.  Because we have gained competency, knowledge, and social status, it will fill us with a sense of confidence. We KNOW we are good at those skills.

However, if we lose one of these things, we can quickly lose the self-confidence that goes along with the first layer of confidence.  A sudden loss of a job or a demotion in the company will impact our confidence directly. It takes time to build up Surface Confidence, but it can be negatively affected by a single action or event.

I was a career coach for many years.  I helped so many men and women in their career transition.  No matter what job titles they had: SVP, CEO, COO, or Director.  As soon as they lost their jobs, they started questioning their own ability.  They began doubting themselves. Yet, they STILL had the SAME SKILLS to do the job.  Sometimes we have been doing these things for so long, we identify only with those external things.  Jobs, titles, social status … once we lose them … we lose ourselves.

The first layer of confidence, in what you do and what you have, can be fleeting.  It can easily change with life circumstances. You can feel confident … or lost … depending on external circumstance.

The second layer of confidence is true confidence or Core Confidence.  Core Confidence is the master key to achieving what we want. But it can also unlock our ability to feel happy about what we achieve.  It resides deep within us.

Core Confidence is the thing to keep you going when nothing else remains. It’s not about a temporary boost we might get from external validation of achievements or relationships with other people. It’s the internal validation of knowing & loving who you are.  This level of confidence is enduring.

With Core Confidence … if your dream guy breaks up with you, you get rejected by someone, or you lose your job right out of the blue, you can still keep going because it doesn’t affect who you are. You might get frustrated or begin feeling down, but you are still confident about yourself.  You know you will come back better and stronger.

This level of confidence truly makes a secure version of you.  So you can create the life you want. Core Confidence really starts with ourselves … inside!


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  • when things tend to not go the way you want, you feel unhappy and cling to hope that the external circumstance will change everything   

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