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Virtual Coaching Program


This global health crisis is affecting all of us on so many levels. 

I know you feel isolated and much of your social life has been turned upside down.

It’s been my experience that when a world crisis shuts us down, the need for love and companionship increases. We are human. We need connection. No matter what is going on.


The important thing to remember is that the world will normalize again. In the meantime, you could choose to use your time in the best way possible by preparing for the beautiful dreams you have.

This special time away from the social interaction might give you 

Time to Heal, Reflect and Learn

About half of my clients weren’t actually ready for dating when they came for coaching… They’re hurting. They’re healing. Maybe you were using work as an excuse to keep busy. Maybe you recently suffered a painful breakup. Maybe you’re still holding on to a dead-end relationship that’s not making you happy. If that describes, this is a perfect time to retrench and figure out what you’re going to do AFTER this CoronaVirus epidemic is over. It would be easy to go back to the way you were doing things: keeping active, focusing on your friends and hobbies, halfheartedly swiping through cute guys hoping for a miracle. But that’s not a plan. That’s not a strategy. That’s not going to get you into a lasting relationship or happy marriage. That’ll just keep you right where you are – avoiding emotional intimacy because you think it’s too difficult or scary or impossible.

It’s time to break the old patterns!

I am here to provide you with a virtual coaching program where you’ll be given step-by-step guidance to discover your dating !


You’ll learn strategies that will enable you to be more likable, attractive, and charming, teaches the most critical skills and secrets to a long-lasting, fulfilling love. The skills, techniques and tips you learn that will transform your relationship.

Still unsure? Want to find out if you are right for this challenge? 

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Here is what you will learn in this virtual coaching program:

Model 1 Online Dating Strategy

Model 2 Master Modern Dating Skills

Model 3 Understand the Man and Get his Commitment

As result of 3-month learning, you can

  • Inspire men to want to spend time with you, create with you, listen to you, commit to you, and be a better man for you
  • Make it safe for him to tell you anything
  • Experience intimacy without all the effort it usually takes to get a guy to open up to you
  • Get more of what you need from men with a lot less struggle and confusion
  • Change his behaviors without making him feel resentful or disrespected
  • Master boundary setting so that no one ever walks all over you again
  • Feel sexy and irresistible when you walk in your power
  • Understand men in new ways that will make your whole life (not just your love life) easier

The program includes

  • Coaching call on zoom once a week. That’s virtual and 100% Covid-19 virus-free!
  • 27 video coaching sessions you can watch at your leisure
  • Hands-on exercise that will inspire real breakthroughs in your dating and relationship.
  • Private group for Q & A and relationship discussion (optional)

What if you could have all of that by investing just 90 Days in yourself?

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