What to Do When Men Pull Away

When Julia met Steve online, he seemed perfect for her on paper: smart, handsome, ambitious, and funny. 

They starting going out and, after about 6 weeks, things seemed to be going great. He really put in the effort to plan each date to please her. They had fun together, the conversation was easy, they laughed a lot, and even shared passionate kisses several times. Julia was starting to fall for him.

On their last date, Steve suggested they go on a weekend getaway together. With such strong chemistry between the two, Julia sensed there might be more intimacy in store than just kissing, especially on vacation! She was excited about the trip, but also wanted to know how serious Steve was about this relationship. So, she decided to bring up the topic of commitment in conversation. She told him that she wanted an exclusive, committed relationship and was looking for someone who was on the same page.

After that conversation, Julia felt something change… (If you had been there, you can probably guess what). First, Steve stopped texting as often as he did before. Soon after, there were no more “good night” calls like he used to make before bedtime. Finally, Steve stopped making plans together for the weekends. This was the thing that really upset Julia.

Apparently, Steve was pulling away.

Julia’s heart was sinking. She really liked him and felt like there was strong chemistry, so what was the problem? Julie was so confused and frustrated that she decided to call me for advice. What should she do with her situation?

Here is what I suggested that Julia text to Steve:

“Hi Steve, I’m feeling some confusion from you since our last talk, which is totally fine. But I’m going to take some space because I don’t want to get closer to someone who’s not sure what they want. Best, Julia”

I asked Julia to sit tight and hold off contacting Steve after sending that text. Three days later, Steve called her back and wanted to have a talk. Julia had learned to trigger Steve’s hero instinct to keep him interested and committed!

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