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As a relationship coach for smart, strong, successful women, I always feel joyful when I hear successful love stories from my clients.

When I first met Yen, she was beyond depressed. She had no confidence in men or in herself. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be in a safe, happy relationship with a man who adores her. Just three months after she started coaching, she found a boyfriend who is consistent, kind, generous, accepting, and treats her like gold.

Diana is fiercely independent, loves to travel, and admits to a certain amount of masculine energy. This is one of many reasons she’s never been married before, despite her desire to find unconditional love. Within three months of signing up for coaching, she found herself an incredible man who appreciates her independent spirit. They’ve been going strong for the past five months!

Grace had major confidence issues. She was shy, introverted, and had little confidence in her ability to flirt and connect with men, both online and off. For weeks, she dragged her feet to develop her online match profile. Within six months of dating online, she fell in love!

Each of these women invested only three to six months of private coaching with me, and just look at their results. Happy relationships all around!

The reason I’m writing today is not to brag about my successes, but to illustrate what should be obvious: there’s a huge difference between reading my blogs/emails/attending my workshops and taking actions to invest in your own happiness. 

Here is another story, but it’s not a love story. Michele is a Facebook follower of mine. Every time I write a new blog or post something, she’s combs through it, looking for every free nuggets of information. She has shown up at every workshop I have hosted so far, occasionally asked some questions about relationships. She is not my client, but I do what I can to help. I send her links to my blog post and even my presentation notes to help give her the push she needs. Last week, she asked me, “Why do I keep ending up dating emotionally unavailable men? “ It’s been two years since she started following me on Facebook, but it’s like nothing has changed in her life.

Michele is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Are you doing the same? Do you regularly read these blogs but never take action? If so, you’re not alone. I have readers who have been on this list for the longest time but are still not in love.

There’s a huge difference between knowing something –knowledge you’ve learned from my blogs and workshops– and LIVING IT. When you have a coach to hold you accountable, to support and stretch you, that’s when things really start to change for the better.

You don’t have to join Private Coaching like my private clients, but you do have to try SOMETHING different in order to get the results you desire.

This is the reason why I’m hosting my upcoming workshop, 12 Week Online Dating Challenge. If you truly desire to experience the joy and excitement of sharing a life with someone, if you have been reading books or attending workshops for years with no results… Then this program is for you.

I can help you get there. But you have to take the next step.

Join me for 12 Week Online Dating Challenge and take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

If you’re not sure if you are right candidate for this challenge, please grab me for a free 30 minutes consultation. I will find the right answer for you and get you on the path of happiness and success in your love life!

PS; Want to learn more about dating & relationship wisdom? I invite you to head on over to my Facebook private group!


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