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Happy Labor Day!

We are now well into the Fall and I couldn’t be happier! I love the fall season, and not just because the sky seems bluer and the leaves are turning. One of my fondest memories happened to me in the fall: I met my soulmate Jim.

happiness in love

Even it was years ago, but I still remember our first trip together like it happened yesterday. He took me to New York to see the beautiful fall foliage. It was just one of those magical trips that, when you close your eyes, you can recall perfectly. Things went so well between us that, at Christmas time, he surprised me with another trip, this one to Paris! Celebrating the New Year while kissing under the Eiffel Tower, well, it was just about the best holiday ever!

You might hear this and say, “Well, isn’t she lucky? She found her soulmate.” And I would reply, “No, I wasn’t lucky. Before Jim, I had been single for 10 solid years!”

Everything you’re currently going through, all of the frustrations and fears, I have struggled with them too. Things like:

  • Frustration that your friends, coworkers, and loved ones have found “someone”
  • Concerns that you’re becoming the “single friend” at parties
  • Skeptical you’ll ever find the right person for you
  • Sad or disappointed that no one is picking you
  • Fear that you’ll die alone

kiss in paris

If you are feeling any of these emotions, believe me, you are not alone. Countless women in the dating world are also feeling frustrated, resentful, anxious, or even just resigned to it all. Many of them are afraid. They’re afraid of rejection, or worse, getting hurt and disappointed again.

But you don’t have to give up! If your heart wants to find love, that true love with your soulmate, then do I have an app for you!

I don’t want you to spend another day alone. If what you want most is someone special to share upcoming holidays with you, I encourage you to grab a 30-minute spot on my calendar for a free clarity call with me. I will help you uncover any hidden challenges that could be getting in the way of success in your relationships. Together, we will analyze your current situation and create your “Soulmate Plan”. Click here to schedule.

Much love,

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